also they imitate fans on Instagram like they will comment on each others photos and say stuff like “COME TO BRAZIL” and shit and once Corey cott wrote this long ass paragraph on a Ryan Steele pic that was like “u r an amazing dancer and have inspired me so much I couldn’t even touch my toes and now I am a ballerina you have changed my life” or something lmao Corey Cott

The newsies cast is so amazing I love how they love the fans but also poke fun at them like they are not fake like the celebs like they acknowledge the weird ass shit that goes on tumblr I love it


as you may know, i had the terrible privilege of going to stop the presses last night. as you may not know, they decided to read terrible self insert newsies fanfiction. so here are akb, ryan steele, mike faist, and garett hawe reading and discussing terrible fanfiction off of for over seven minutes

this is so amazing I love the world

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Just FYI to me followers about a week ago my friend and I went to Boyhood and on our way home we went to both Jack-in-the-Box and Burger King because I wanted Jack and Amanda wanted the King’s chicken fries and when we visited the King we had to hide the Jack bag so we didn’t look like SLOBS I love it such icons won’t shut up about heathers I see it in my dash and on Facebook all the time. It was never a Broadway show and it is no longer running and was honestly not that popular considering the declining ticket sales and I’m not dissing the show I just wish more attention would be paid to upcoming shows or at least Broadway shows